Saturday, July 5, 2008

7 weeks 2 days

Hello Luvs

Im officially seven weeks and 2 days , its the nervous part of the pregnancy because this is the time i miscarried before.. I have some serious morning sickness. Im wondering how severe it has to get to be considered HG (Hyperemis Gravederum) (sp) . I cant eat or smell anything without running to the bathroom 10 seconds later. I had soup last night and that stayed down but i did get that queasy feeling. These babies dont wanna eat.. ive lost 5pds already .. im sure the dr will not be pleased with that one.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well I had my ultrasound and it seems like we will be expecting twins.
Im so excited but very nervous , i feel like my betas weren't high enough and ill discuss this with my re later on this week.

Anyway its my birthday today 28 yrs old.. I have to say i was blessed with the best b-day present ever. Me and DBF are going out with our mutual friends to a buffet and a broadway play . it should be very fun..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

5 weeks 2 days

Apparently my baby looks like a He is staring to get skin and nails and his brain is beginning to form. Kinda sounds weird. I havent had many preggo symptoms just extreme exhaustion . Im kinda excited and nervous at the same time. I am quite emotional, me and dbf got into over a darn video game system the ps3 to be exact he want it he has wanted it since it came out and I understand that . The only thing is he wants to get it on MY B-day weekend.. how inconsiderate. But i made him see it my way and well he is going to wait until after the 4th.

June 28th is my 3rd and final beta as well as my ultrasound, I get to stay with my RE until im 12 weeks along, I think thats great that they don't release you until you are almost in your 2nd trimester. Good news is the OB is in the same office so I am not really going anywhere to far.. I love it :)

Stay tuned im sure ill try and update this reguarly.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great News

Ehh im terrible at keeping this blog,



4 weeks and 5 days to be exact , im so happy its unreal, Anywhoo my next appt is June 28 which happens to be my birthday , we should hopefully hear a heartbeat although im unsure.. So this blog is gonna be dedicated to my new bean thats baking

Sunday, June 8, 2008

FF Sucks sometimes

Hello world,

Its been a min since i posted ive been busy with work.

SO basically the title is true. FF first gave me an O date of CD 13 which could be right I had some O pains and well some sticky cm ( i never get watery cm) and then i was like yes 2ww ..temps stayed high until my temp dipped on CD18 (98.0) which still was above coverline mind you when i put in todays temp it changed my o date to cd 18.. The 2ww all over are you feakin kidding me.. Im so still testing on the 19th i might test earlier on the 12th which is like Thurs.. I will keep you all updated

On another note why is it 98 degrees in NY today and its only 8am .. we are so in for it this summer

Thursday, May 29, 2008


You know I'm wondering why can't I have a normal functioning body.. I mean most women ovulate on CD14 or 15 .. I probably wont O until CD 21 or something crazy I dont know I havent ovulated on my own in 2 yrs lol.. This is my first cycle of Clomid and I think i just want it to work so quicky .. Ughhh i just want a baby already

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Post ...Nervous

This is my first post, which makes me a bit nervous to know ill be airing out my buisness for the computer world,but i also think it could be healing. I should first start off by telling you my story.

Im Lynn 27 yrs of age until next month. I live and work in New York,NY and no its nothing like Carrie and friends on sex and the city. Ive lived her all my life except for a few years when i moved around Miami and New Orleans to be exact.. Anyway in 2002 I met the love of my life who i didnt know was the love of my life until about 2 yrs ago lol go figure that. His name is Preston and he is wonderful slightly older than me he just turned 37. He is my rock and my foundation especially since i'm here in New York by myself.

The question always is why arent you married , well first off that might be coming but we both feel as our relationship is solid enough i know you should get married before having kids . but hey we are rebels lol besides i will be his wife soon enough hell he already calls me his wife. Our relationship is great now heres the kicker , he has kids yup and they are great im not around them enough to know them like that but when I do see them they are always polite and sweet. I love how he is with kids which is why im dying to have his baby.

Back to what this blog really is about, Its about me and my ttc journey . I have to say i only have been TTC for a little while,not nearly as long as some ladies I have chatted with or spoken too. But it could possibly be a long journey. I have PCOS (google it ) and well its hell and I have about 5 if im lucky periods a year and nope i dont ovulate.. This cycle im being a tad more aggressive im on cd9 (cd=cycle day) I took clomid on Cd 3-7 . I purchased an OV watch (great investment) and some preseed.. So now im just waiting to ovulate or at least see fertile day 1 on my watch .

Oh yea i also chart on fertility friend (great sight if your TTC)

Now some of my friends would say what the hell a blog about trying to have a baby, yea because those of us who are infertile realize that this journey sucks ass its frustrating and you need to let it out so this is for me to let it out..

Well i think this is a good intro and ill try and post as often as possible..This should be fun :)

Oh yea shout out to Soulcysters this is a freakin awesome site with wonderful girls